Strange Symbol...A very short video.

About two weeks ago I posted about a strange symbol which had been 'drawn' into the pile of my sister's sitting room carpet.
Last night, my niece was spending the night at my sister's house and, at about 10:30pm they went out to the garden to have a cigarette. When they came back.....there was the strange symbol in the carpet.

They have considered every possible explanation, mundane and otherwise but they cannot fathom it at all and even my B-in-law, the worlds greatest sceptic is stumped.

So.....what do you think

I hope this video works properly.

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A horrendous twenty four hours.

I am back at home in Norwich now after being in on some of the most heartbreaking scenes ever. I have heard of marriages breaking up because of infidelity but I have never witnessed it first hand. They say that all these things are grist to a writers mill....and by God that's true. To be able to write what it is to feel heartache, sadness, grief, indecision, shock, sorrow and anger one should at least witness it if not feel it. But I have felt all of these things over the last 24+ hours. I wish I hadn't.

It is one of the most harrowing things I've ever seen and what makes it worse is that I love the two people involved very much. I now wait to see what will happen in the next few hours. *sigh*

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Oh dear! I have just witnessed the possible end of a marriage which, until a couple of months ago, I thought was rock solid. It is so desperately sad and I feel so sorry for both of them. I am very close to them and its saddened me so much. Many tears have been shed this evening. And I think there will be many more yet. 😪

Life is a bitch sometimes.
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Wilfred Owen at Scarborough.

Because my latest WIP 'Ellis' is set in Scarborough in the early 1900s, I've been looking through books about Scarborough in the past and to my delight, I discovered that the Great war poet Wilfred Owen spent some time there in 1917. He stayed at the Clifton Hotel

The Clifton Hotel was then known as The Clarence Gardens and at the time of the Great War it served as an officers mess. Owen occupied one of the turret rooms, and it was here that he wrote his poem 'Miners' which came to him from visions he saw in the glowing coals.

I have also been reading about the ghosts of Scarborough and there are many connected with the Castle here. Apparently, a young woman who had a child 'out of wedlock' threw herself and her baby from the cliffs on which the castle stands. And.....she re enacts this tragic event every so often. Her ghost is joined by the mischievous spirit of Piers Gaveston, the lover of Edward 11. If you go to Scarborough Castle and you hear strange laughter or 'someone' tries to push you off the castle may be Piers having a lark.
However, although there are reports of ghosts at the Clifton Hotel...I don't think Wilfred Owen is amongst them. His legacy to us is his wonderful and haunting poetry. Perhaps he thinks that is enough.

What is this symbol?

I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what the above symbol means (if indeed it means anything) It's two horizontal and two vertical lines like the grid in Naughts & Crosses or Tick Tack Toe. I did read somewhere that it is the symbol of Apollo but I'm not sure.
Is it Celtic, Pagan, Wiccan, Heraldic, Christian. Hope someone can help as it's part of an ongoing mystery in my sisters (very modern) house.

Knock Knock!

For the last few nights, I have been woken up by something that sounds like knocking on a door. Its a very alarming thing to hear when your half asleep.
There are various theories; from ghosts to evil spirits and auditory hallucinations to guardian angels. But i still dont know if the sound is objective or subjective. But alarmingly, my mother used to hear things like this when she was in the early stages of dementia.

The most probable causes of this very common phenomena are stress or medication (anti-depressents) so its a process of elimenation i suppose.

Has anyone else experienced this...and if so what do you think causes it?

Well....this is totally yampi*

According to Dr Phillip Shaw of the University of Leicester's School of English...Richard 111 may have had a midlands accent. (See below)
And for anyone interested to hear how he may have sounded visit;

I wonder what "A horse....A kingdom for a horse" sounds like in 'Brummie'? Or "Now is the winter of our discontent".

*Yampi = Mad

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Cat and/or animal lovers...HELP!!!

My niece, who I child mind for two and a half days a week, has three cats. Two females and one male..all neutered. The females, after mis behaving a little after baby was born are now ok. But...the male, Louie is being a pain. For example...he always wants to be either in or out and five minutes later, he wants in or out again. He scratches at the window to come in and worse...he YOWLS very loudly to come in after being let out in the morning. It's a nuisance but I can live with it. I just trot down the stairs to let him in. But my niece hates it and is getting to the end of her tether. Now, she is considering getting rid of him and its really really upsetting me. He's a lovely cat and to think of him being separated from his family is depressing in the extreme.

So, I'm asking...nay, begging for a solution to the problem in the form of advice or books or anything I can do to stop Louie behaving this way before he is sent packing. Please, if you know what to do, I'd be really grateful. ( as I type this, he's yowling again in the kitchen...*sigh*)

Louie in a pot of heather

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